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C&C Tac ハニーアナグマ QHB SBR 様式 300 Blackout Style Conversion Kit For Marui TM MWS GBB Airsoft ( Limited Edition 限定版 )

C&C Tac ハニーアナグマ QHB SBR 様式 300 Blackout Style Conversion Kit For Marui TM MWS GBB Airsoft ( Limited Edition 限定版 )

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C&C Tac Proudly Present The HB SBR 300BLK Replica Kit For Airsoft MWS GBBR System, We are a Team of Airsoft Enthusiasts and we pursuit details to perfection, hoping to bring the Trendy RS world into Airsoft and to let our fellow airsofters experience the joy & excitement through our product.

In the meanwhile, we appreciate and highly esteem the Creation of the Trendy RS world.

C&C Tac HB SBR Body Receiver used Cerakote Coating, providing corrosion protection, durability and chemical resistance. The Coating guaranty both durability and coloring. We tested afew tones of metallic colors, the one this kit used is almost identical to the RS ver.

Why not clear Anodizing? Clear Anodizing can have unpredictable result.
QHB Clear Anodizing on the other hand, result of shades of tan may vary each time we proceed the Anodizing...


Material: CNC 6061 Aluminum

Lower Unique Serial Number

Suitable: Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBB Rifle Airsoft ( ZET System )

For Airsoft and Simulation use only

Limited Edition 限定版


Package Included:

  • CNC Aluminum MWS Lower & Upper Receiver ( Cerakote )
  • CNC Aluminum 6” M-LOK Handguard Rail
  • CNC Aluminum 7” Outer Barrel
  • CNC Aluminum Barrel Nut
  • Stainless Steel Dummy Gas Block
  • Steel Gas Block Jam Nut
  • Steel CB Bomb Cherry Flash Hider 14mm CCW
  • CNC Aluminum Dummy Panda Silencer ( It can hold one Acetech Bifrost / Braster Size Tracer Unit internally )
  • Polymer Collapsible PDW Stock
  • Special Buffer and Recoil Spring
  • Turnbuckle Assembly
  • Tool Key


Not included: Trigger Box / Bolt / Hop-Up / Grip / Magazine / Bolt Stop / Selector / Charging Handle / Mag Release / Mount / Red Dot Sight etc.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
PerfectPew - Raydee
This Q-HB kit if for the airsoft builders who want to stand out from the crowd

I knew I had to get the Q Honey Badger once it came on the market in 2018 with the Brace Stock (and the ATF history around it). 

Being fond of modern contemporary AR15 anaesthetics, Q-Llc came straight to my mind as other brands like Fortis MFG, F1 Firearms, Ascend Armory, BattleArms, ZEV and ...Noveske.

1. Overhaul aspect :
Regarding the material, it would have been better to have the receiver made out of 7075-T6 aluminium at this level of cost and especially when some manufacturers such as Hao Industries produce these items.        

The cerakote job is very well made and the colorway is close to the RS Q Honey hard clear coat anodizing.As for the handguard, it's a little more shiny (slight metallic grey accent) than its RS version (clear anodizing 6065-T6=> grey color) but other than that, the render is really good and pleasant to look at.
All internal parts (barrel-nut, adjustable gas-block, gas-block jam-nut, turnbuckle assembly, inner barrel) are well made.

Regarding the Q stock Assembly replica, the build construction is clearly acceptable, the aluminium lateral arms seem as strong as their RS counterparts. This stock has the "Q" logo on both sides which is great in my opinion, as the spirit of this kit is to replicate the Q Honey Badger as closely as possible.
The paint job (brown-gold anodized) on the buffer tube and sliding arms is great and blends well with the honey color of the receiver.

As for the muzzle device, the cherry bomb is made out of steel and still replicates fine its RS counterpart made of 17-4 Stainless Steel. It's solid.

Attention to details has been given to the trash Panda that looks very close to the Q one.
They definitely made a great job working on it. The engraving and matt color is on point.
All parts are very well detailed, this provides quality homogeneity for this high-end kit.
- Rate : 9/10

2. RS specification :
It seems that some custom builders said that the receiver extension for the buffer tube is RS so you can add the Q Stock Assembly (HB version only) or the Noveske one (Ghetto Blaster,, N4-PDW or Space Invader version only) on this kit.
As for the barrel-nut, one builder tried to install the RS Q HB handguard on this airsoft kit. It went fine but with modifications as the RS barrel-nut does not fit on the airsoft receiver.It would have been great if the barrel-nut extension had the RS specifications though.

3. RS accessory parts :
I plan to replace the 6 inch airsoft handguard by the RS Q 12 inch handguard as I don't want to pay for the 12 inch airsoft version that is sold with the Trash Panda.
It would have been good to split the components with the handguard part only for sell.As for the Q RS Stock Assembly, it's on my list too.

4. Airsoft performance :
It all depends on what upgrade parts one will add to his/her kit and the grease and oil management.
In my case I will install only high-end components (Gunsmodify, PDI, Laylax/NineBall, Hao Industries, BJ Tac). I will have to deal with the small buffer provided in the kit and replace the stock buffer spring with an upgraded one.

5. Value of this kit :
The quality of the components of this kit is very high. The build construction and the cerakote paint are very well made.C&C Tac made a great job producing aesthetic modern receivers such as the Q HB one.

As an AR15 aficionado (Q-Llc, Ascend Armory, Fortis MFG, F1 Firearms, Noveske etc.) I was looking for years for any airsoft kits that didn't look the same as those many plain Colt Jane receivers.IMHO, it's a must-have kit to own if you want something uncommon, aesthetic and way different from the mass consumers.
- Rate : 9/10

The prettiest MWS on the market

I have been a long time fan of the Q HB and have long awaited the release of an airsoft gas blowback rendition.
This kit is just absolutely visually stunning, as well as being paired with the best gas blowback system currently available in airsoft it is a must buy.
However I do have some minor grievances, so I'll briefly cover everything.

Out of the box you'll notice how incredibly lightweight the 6061 aluminum is, this is mostly a positive, the only downside to such a lightweight material is the softness of the metal, the included body pins are very stiff at first and while tapping them in, a VERY GENTLE SWING from my hammer put a sizeable dent in my receiver.
On the plus side, using a little heavier bolt, (I'm using stock (220g) at the moment) the lightweight kit makes for some very fun recoil while shooting.
Overall Material Rating: 9/10

The Cerakote finish seems very solid, knocked it a few times already on accident and no visible scratches, It will wear around the inside of the magwell, where the bolt rides, as well as on the posts that extend with the stock, but this is to be expected. (obviously)
The colors are absolutely stunning, especially in the sunlight, the pictures on the website don't properly display the beauty of this gun in-person.
Overall Appearance Rating: 10/10!

Everything inside this kit is going to be your typical MWS system, with the exception of the PDW stock.
Functionally, this kit uses a proprietary buffer tube, buffer spring, buffer lock, and buffer. (All included)
I'm well aware engineering a solution for such a short buffer tube could be a challenge but I do think it could have been executed better.
The buffer lock is sharp on the edges and scratches the buffer when inserting or removing it by hand, you'll need to use another tool to depress the lock.
The buffer is TINY, like SUPER TINY. It weighs almost nothing which causes a fair amount of bolt bounce. - I would have loved to see it come with a small shifting weight buffer at least
The spring is a little weak, it shouldn't be hard to find a similar sized, stiffer spring which I would recommend to help correct the bolt bounce (at the cost of gas efficiency)
The stock itself is very concerning, the two posts that extend to keep the buttplate on could have, and should have, been made of a stronger material. With the stock fully extended you can place your finger and thumb on the outside of the two posts and flex them inward with just your hand strength. This has me very worried for the safety and lifespan of my stock that ONLY comes in a $1000 kit that soon wont even be produced anymore. You will need to constantly baby your stock.
Simply put, the stock will do its job you'll just need to give it some love so,
Overall Stock Rating: 6/10

Excluded Part:
The kit clearly states what it does and does not come with in the description, everything you'll need to build an MWS from the ground up with some complimentary things to fit the HB aesthetic like indented body pins.
However something that really bothers me is a faux gas tube is NOT INCLUDED, which means you'll need to go find an mws gas tube and cut it to fit the barrel length. It would have cost very little to include a gas tube with the kit.

I also personally prefer the look of the long handguard badger and thus purchased the optional 12" handguard & SD suppressor separately. Upon arrival I set my short handguard and panda suppressor aside and will probably never use them. I wish the option to choose which handguard you'd like was available when purchasing the kit, it would have saved me some money.

Minus the slight snag on the design of the stock, my complaints are just minor nit picks. Overall I give this kit a 9/10, or rather a 4.5/5 (No option for half stars) and highly recommend to any GBB PDW enjoyers!


Best airsoft conversion kit ever

seolwon park
^_^ The colors are so pretty!

The finish is really good and I think I'll continue to use C&C TAC products

C&C Tac ハニーアナグマ QHB SBR 様式 300 Blackout Style Conversion Kit For Marui TM MWS GBB Airsoft ( Limited Edition 限定版 )

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