- Join Our Research & Development Team (R&D)
Since Airsoft is based on the Real Steel Firearms spectrum,the products of airsoft were always embedded with extraordinary “RS World” cutting edge products, we would like to merge two best sides into our future products. And creating something new that no one else did and thought of. We set our goal towards not just the Airsoft Business. C&C TAC could be more than just an Airsoft brand.

- The Workshop
We are looking for CNC Mechanics and CNC Graphic Programmer Designers. For Developing & Creation, the ideal is to provide these professional skill sets to its maximum potential into creating new designs and  to enhance airsoft products.

Please Contact Us, We Look Forward to Hear From You.

We manufacture airsoft essential parts, interior upgrade enhancement parts, different types of handguard, upgrade pistol & rifle kits, transformation kits etc. We Design and We Built - Join Us.